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Duo Electro-Pop from Bandung, established in 2019 by Clara Friska Adinda a.k.a White Skeleton and Emir Agung Mahendra a.k.a Analog Chorus, they freshly packed light and modern music into their electro-pop.

The two kickstarted with their debut EP titled Happysad in 2019, then release a number of singles in the middle of 2020 such as HEATWAVE, Telephone Call, and Alone together which are also appear on their latest album FASTFOOD. “These 3 tracks tell about twist and turn of teenage-hood problematics like love, lust, and dissapointment. Hahaha,” said Friska. They well packaged ups and downs kinda stories into these three. Gladly we’ve got the opportunity to have their fresh tracks ambience live at our Store Session with a compact set on a table. Exclusively for Hammerstout Store Session they also bring their favorite track, Chamber of Reflections by Mac DeMarco.

For further references, now their working on an upcoming project with Bleu House and The Couch Club. But before it all here the full version of White Chorus for Hammerstout Store Session.