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The Couch Club is a Bandung-based Hip-Hop/R&B band, The Couch Club radiates a distinct lively musical and visual aesthetic, from laid-back/groovy pop Hip-Hop/R&B with a concrete beat and tight rap in it.

Consisting of four emerging names who’ve been wandering in the hip-hop/indie music scene; Vai Siagian as a Producer/Bassist, Ghifari Mamora, Belva Prabowo  as rappers, and Atria as a vocalist.

In part of this session they covers Sugar from Ginger a fifth album by Brockhampton.

In past July The Couch Club showed up their productivity through their latest single, ‘Out of Love’ a song about sparks of relationship were long gone, and we have no clue to make it back alive, said Gallyglitch.

About their latest single “Out Of Love” it turns out that the single is an upcoming from their mini-album which is reportedly next year will be completed. In addition, they are also preparing several projects with several Bandung musicians such as Bleach To Death, White Chorus & Bleu House. Regarding the project, they are working on ghifari a.k.a gallyglitch the lead male Vocalist / Rapper revealed.

“There it is! There are a few ongoing projects that we are working on again, the first split EP album with hardcore band Bleach To Death continues threeway collaborative album together with White Chorus & Bleu House aka Gen 3 of Microgram HAHAHAHAH”

The Couch Club brings groovy and chill nuances through their tracks, of course, combined with The Couch Club’s musical aesthetic that takes a lot of influence from R&B, Hi-Hop, soul, pop, to acid-jazz.

Have you ever heard that fashion and music are two things that can be said to be inseparable? As one member of The Couch Club Atria Lintang said, fashion and music are two inseparable things.

“I think music and fashion influence each other. For example, in our daily lives and our lifestyles. Most people dress according to what they want, and they listen to what they like. “He said

While they’re preparing some ongoing projects. The couch club has prepared a surprise for its listeners by holding a tour.

“The same leak is a little bit, we are also preparing for the tour anyway. Hopefully, by mid-December departing” GallyGlitch.

Although there is no exact date regarding the tour, hopefully, it will be done soon!