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The Store Session held on September 16, 2021 presented Lamebrain who had just returned with the roar of their guitar distortion through their latest single in addition they also performed some of their previous songs such as 1593, Ancestor, and they also covers Sunny Afternoon by The Kinks.

Lamebrain is quartet heavy rock band from Bandung consists of Alan Davidson (Guitar & Vocal), Pramaditya Azhar (Drum & Vocals), Mufti Mujtahid (Bass & Vocal), and Aslam Rizky (Guitar, Synth & Vocal). Formed in early 2012, Lamebrain introduced themselves by releasing their debut EP titled ‘Overpower’ on April 18, 2017 they’ve managed to give new music color through their first two singles “Repulse” and “Ace Combat”. Their first album “For C Marlow” was released on August 28, 2019.

Lamebrain released their latest single called “Cowman” on July 9th. Concerning this single, Mufti as vocalist and bassist said “yes this song was started accidentally, while four of us listen to The Beatles intensely, and our admiration to their vocal distribution on Revolver album” he said on a digital press release.

Their admiration for the Beatles’ vocal techniques can be felt from the beginning on the song “Cowman”. The vocals harmony is very obvious because the entire Lamebrain personnel contributed their voices. 

After releasing Cowman, Lamebrain also collaborated with an artist from Bandung for its music video. “Cowman” is available on your favourite music services. Lamebrain finally agreed to speak, “We are from Bandung and Bandung is fine.”

Of some of the songs that they performed at the store session they also brought one of their unreleased tracks. While we ask about this track, for some reasons Aslam purposely didn’t tell the meaning behind this single, “About the story and meanings behind Ximaule you can interpret it yourself,” he said.

They also didn’t answer us about when this single will be released, so just follow their activities on social media to get the updates.

You can watch full video of Lamebrain at Hammerstout Store Session at our youtube channel.