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Started as a fun room project by a man from Cirebon who began to cook words, tones and rhythms packed into a composition presented to his listeners to sing and dance through “BaxLaxBoy” which means “Bakar lagi semangatmu, Boy!”

BaxLaxBoy Is Guntur Nursanto a.k.a Ophay who’s inspired by the music of all Jamaican Sounds such as (roots, rock, reggae, ska, dub, rocksteady), Drum n bass, Junglist, hip-hop. Started in around 2012, BaxLaxBoy re-enlivening the Jamaican music scene, specifically Jamaican electronic music, dub sound system culture.

In 2019 BaxLaxBoy made his debut EP titled “Burn it, feel it, And free your Mind!” It contains 5 tracks “Relaxing with The Riddim”, “Mr.Deejay”, “Life is Free”, “Altitude Point”, and “Have a Nice Dream.”

He brings a song originated by Shocking Blue ‘Love Buzz’ which was also covered by Nirvana

This session specifically held as part of the ‘Gonna Make It Tour 2021’ series. Tour series that organized to promote the latest song from BaxLaxBoy titled ‘Gonna Make It’ a single released in early November through his self label.

The latest single from BaxLaxBoy “Gonna to Make It” is a call to keep moving, keep the spirit on, to living life in this pandemi era.

The track would be the opening of his mini album coming in next year

“2021 we gonna make it even if so hard to try and you don’t want,” Baxlaxboy.