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Hammerstout and Vespuci are earnest to make something different from the usual. This time they are trying to build a vintage rally looks scooter, Forscher, a word for research in deutch, picked for the collaboration tittle.

Inspired by the modification of 1990s Porsche 911, formed by the Singer Vehicle Company and the All-terrain Competition Study, both of us applied it to the Vespa LX, Piaggio’s automatic scooter manufacturer. As a result, the idea of ​​vintage rally looks became the main focus of this collaborative project. Then, they remodel quite significantly in the body as well as the supporting parts.

We swap handlebars using the Vespa LXV. It was inspired by the Vespa Sport Sei Giorni in 1951, where he won 9 gold medals at the 6-Day International competition in Varese, Italy. Also a slight change, moving the main lights into fog lamps on the front of the body and on the fork trunk. Significant changes can also be seen from the closing of the turn signal section then move it to the bar end by using parts from THRV to reduce the gaps in the body. This is done in order to minimize dirt entering the body and reduce the risk of broken parts. In fact, it can give a cleaner look. Then the support for the SIP LED stop lamp, the ducktail from SOCA, and the handgrip from the Bubur Ayam Racer really help this scooter look more similar to its inspiration. Don’t forget to add a rack on the floorboard and the back of the single seat to allow the scooter to carry luggage on long trips.
Not just relying on looks, they really built this scooter to be able to accelerate on extreme terrain. By swapping the rims using a Vespa Sprint measuring 12” and all-terrain tires to increase ground clearance, it also embeds a turbo-fan on the rims which is useful as a cooler in the braking section. Because this motorbike is asked to be able to take long trips with steep terrain, assisted by the EXCAL short brake lever from Fabrica which is more ergonomic and responsive to Asian hands.

Some competition designation parts are also installed to optimize its performance. Call it the shock breaker set from Bitubo known as the Racing Competition Shock Breaker plus the ABORI rear shock bracket from Fabrica to increase the rake angle to make it more stable. The full exhaust system of the LeoVince GP Corsa Carbon is also very helpful in reducing the load and bringing out all the performance on the scooter which has made changes to the CVT and Performance sections that have been carried out by RC Garage Bandung.

In addition beside the Vespa, this collaboration issued a capsule collection in the form of waterproof jacket and waterproof pants. They’re also linked up with fabrica to developed limited swing fork cover.